You always hear that we are a kennel based facility but that sounds terrifying right? Well we are here to set your minfd at ease. We are a kennel based facility but we are not your traditional kennels. Kennels make you think chain link, scary, loud and dogs fighting. Not with us! If you look at the picture above, we have rooms. Each dog has walls, rugs and access to food/water 24/7. We are working on providing every dog with a twin size or toddler bed, elevated food/water bowls and new rugs to make it comfortable. Each dog receives a huge amount of toys daily, they have 3 huge play yards that they are constantly rotated out in and we are working on putting even more in. They all receive human contact daily, attention and have someone with them 24/7 We truly care about our dogs more than most rescues and are always looking for way to improve.

Pittie Paw

Rescue, Rest, Repeat.


Rescuing pitbulls, one dog at a time, weather we end up broke, we are both alive.

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