We are the sad reality of what's needed in the community today. We are the reality of under socialized, thrown away animals. We are the reality for aggressive animals that people or rescues can't handle. We work endlessly to ensure all dogs are placed properly, receive all the care they need and have a soft bed to lay on in the meantime. We rely strictly on donations to feed, care and provide extra to the dogs. We are a kennel based facility with rooms for our dogs. Each dog has an actual bed, toys, access to food all day, various enrichment and much more.



Pittie Paw is a 501(c)3 bully breed rescue. We primarily take in pit bull type dogs but do not limit ourselves to just those. We will take in anything that needs our help. Within our first year, we rescued 160+ dogs. We take them in, rehabilitate them and then find the homes that fit their needs. We focus on telling the absolute truth about each and every dog whether it's good or bad. We DO NOT euthanize. We will not euthanize for any behavior reason. We will euthanize for a medical reason ONLY if the dog is suffering. We do believe that every dog deserves a second chance. We also have sanctuary dogs which you can learn more about under our tab labeled Dogs. While it may not be easy to do what we do, we do our absolute best at it.


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Pittie Paw

Rescue, Rest, Repeat.


Rescuing pitbulls, one dog at a time, whether we end up broke, we are both alive.

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Phone: 614-421-7297

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