Meet CHARLIE! He's such a handsome boy and we adore him here at Pittie Paw. We've been through so much with this guy and we wouldn't have it any other way. He will be with us forever unless that absolute perfect 1 in a million home comes along one day. Charlie does have a lot of anxiety which can sometimes cause him to react. However, he is very happy, healthy and living the dream. Buy Charlie some much-needed items on his wishlist:

Our sanctuary dogs have chosen to live with us forever. These dogs have some sort of behavior issue that prevents them from going into a traditional home. We love these dogs equally, no matter what their issues are and we couldn't imagine life without them. They play, they love, they have a good life.. most don't like new people, most have their own quirky personality but they deserve to live as much as the next dog. So without further ado, please meet them...

Blue is a feral dog. He was known for running with coyotes and living in the wild. Blue is only two years old and doesn't like human contact but loves his other dog friends. He enjoys lounging around with his friends and not doing too much. He likes his two people and only them. He has lots of fears of new thing and loud noises so his safe place is often his crate. He would enjoy some new items now and then ... find his wishlist below.

Jojo is a super unique boy who has some pretty weird triggers. Jojo hates cell phones. Crazy right? He also doesn't like most men. He does love his women! He also loves kids. He is very protective of them. He does do well with dogs and cats but would also like to be alone most the time. He is a super sweet boy to the people he loves. Check out some super cool things you can buy him:


Franklin is a feral dog who has lived his entire life on a chain. He does not like human contact, he does not like other animals and he hasn't ever known what it's like to be a dog. We are working really hard on making him comfortable for the remainder of his life. He adores stuffed animals so if you can, buy him a few.

Duke is a crazy boy. He came from a good home with a good life but he is pure proof that breeding dogs aren't necessary. Regardless of everything that has happened in his life, he was wired wrong. He has severe aggression issues with certain people but these issues are unpredictable and he doesn't give much time for you to read him before he is biting you. He will remain with us and be as happy as possible for the rest of his life. Duke REALLY loves balls and stuffed animals, find some stuff below to buy him!

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