Pittie Paw Rescue

Who are we?


We are a non-profit 501(c)3 "bully breed" based dog rescue. We are often labeled as the rescue that takes the "aggressive dogs" .. We don't believe this. We take scared, neglected, thrown away dogs that other rescues would ignore. While we focus on pit bulls, we do not limit ourselves to them. We welcome any breed that we have the space for. We believe that the dogs aren't the problem, people who mistreat them are!

Want to become a bigger part of rescue but have no idea where to begin? Well, we want your help and we will help you get started! We are looking for motivated individuals who care about the same thing we do, Pit bulls. We must have a strong team to keep going! These are all strictly volunteer roles.



Fundraising - Think you have the brains behind a fundraising operation? Have these crazy ideas you want to put into place to raise money? Email us! We need you!


Communicating - Are you good at answering emails? Answering Facebook messages? Or responding back through other methods of contact? We are looking for someone who can help us respond to our messages and help is with facebook postings on a daily basis.


Checking Applications - Can you call places to confirm things? Can you get to know someone? Can you decide based on your gut if someone is a good fit or not? Well we need you to check our applications!


Home Vistis - Are you often way too busy to really get into volunteering but can do a visit at someones home once or twice a week depending on demand? We need you! We need people all over the surrounding area to do home visits so if you can, let us know! We have a form you fill out each time and send back to us!


Training - Are you a beginner in training dogs but want to get some experience under your belt? Well, you've found the right place! If you're all about positive reinforcement and pit bulls, send us an email!


Adoption Events - Can you hold a dog at an event? Can you help us talk about the dogs and make them sound really good? Well, we REALLY need you!


We always need help in all sorts of areas, so it's not limited to just these. Please feel free to reach out if you have something in mind that you think it can help us out!